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Due to sanitary conditions

See you at the start of the fall 2021 school year!

Phase 1  Exploration - Awakening

Make available to those who do not have particular skills in this field, the basic elements necessary to develop, explore and question their vision of doing dance.

A kind of sample to make the student want to continue and go further in this personal learning.

Phase 2  Trajectory - Initiate

To make available a free space for those who wish to devote more time to their practice as well as to their theoretical tools, to refine the articulation of their ideas and the perception of dance.

Phase 3  Confirm - Mentoring

Provide coaching to dancers who practice a favorite dance.

An exchange, a dialogue to develop new perspectives on their work and dance methodology.

This mentoring is put in place throughout the year to ensure a follow-up of your dance through

monthly “feedback” that will help you build, develop and mature your dance.