P 8


Cycle 3

The important thing before making your choice is to know the school well because you are committing to one year of study.

To do this, we offer you a training presentation session

by the educational coordinator Imad Nefti, in videoconference.

You can register for a future presentation at our email address:        edha.contact@gmail.com

We are also available for other questions on the phone

Information on P8 training (2nd year)

Calendar of applications P8 

> Deadline for submitting applications:  September 30, 2021

* Please note that late applications

may possibly be studied depending on the number of places remaining.


The P8 residency program is open to current dancers aged 18 to 35  years with an ability to demonstrate and perform their dance

Those admitted to the program will have the opportunity to be of service  of choreographers  

Are required:

> A high technical level,

>  An ability to have a strong dance

The dancer must demonstrate advanced technical skills and abilities in dance.

The emphasis will be placed on a capacity to have a certain autonomy, maturity, and to be available for the choreographer.

It is necessary to have a level of dance mastery allowing to consider a successful insertion in a hip-hop or contemporary creation environment.

P8 applications

Online registration until September 30, 2021

No registration fee is required


As part of their registration, candidates send to edha  a file containing administrative and personal data.


The elements should be sent to the following address: edha.contact@gmail.com

   The administrative file must include:

   > A complete CV

     information on creative experiences, training and pre-professional experiences, the prices obtained, the       residences, performances, shows,  

   > A copy of a double-sided identity document

   > A copy of the titles or certificates attesting to professional experience

   The personal file must include:

   > A letter of presentation and motivation  

     A one-page statement of artistic and career goals indicating why you think these will be          advanced by studies at the Academy or in the P8 program.

     Applicants are encouraged to discuss from their work how the training will advance development and          artistic aspirations

   > Videos of your work, your research, projects that show us  your technical skills, your           artistic sensitivity and the development of a conceptual dance  

   a  youtube link without access code of the presentation of the videos

   Video editing authorized, with oral presentation of your work.

   Dance videos under 2 years old


* You are of course free to provide any certificates or diplomas that you have previously obtained. Letters of recommendation are also accepted. We want to make sure that you have sufficient training and / or experience to follow our programs.

1st round of selections


At the end of the submission of applications,

a first orientation committee will take place.

Videos will first be assessed by a member of the admissions committee using the following qualitative measures:

> Technical skills,

> Artistic awareness and conceptual development

2nd round of selection

All successful candidates will receive an invitation for an individual interview by videoconference.

Definitive admissions

Your registration decision and the deposit form must reach us accompanied.

These must be accompanied:

>  Registration fees: 380 euros non-refundable

>  The deposit of 1200 euros which will be deducted from the tuition fees.

Reminder of the amount of tuition fees: 3300 euros per year

Payable in 1 installment or in 2 installments (2 checks withdrawn according to a specific schedule)

Administrative registrations

More information soon